BST Linehaul Equipment

9 Axle Steerable RGN Trailer Combination

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9 axle steerable lowbed would be common terminology for this type of equipment even though it’s part of the double drop trailer family. This is an open deck trailer that can haul all the same commodities as a regular double drop RGN (construction machinery, cranes, crated machinery, large diameter pipe, solar batteries, transformers, precast products, counterweight, commercial vehicles, etc) but this combo can haul more weight than a 5-axle and 7-axle. This trailer is fully steerable in the rear and is recommended for limited access projects where backing up loaded and or steering around obstacles is necessary. This trailer has a removable gooseneck that allows it to drive freight on from the front of the trailer in addition to standard freight being lifted onto the trailer. These trailers are popular in the western states and depending on the product dimensions this combination can scale up to 170,000lbs.

Equipment Specifications