BST Linehaul Hauls Trucks and Equipment to Fire Affected Areas of CA

Courtney L.
March 15, 2019

Logistics isn’t always about shipping goods for business and profit. It can be a vital resource needed during emergencies, bringing professionals together as a powerful force within a community.

This has been the case for the past 3 years regarding treacherous wildfires in Northern, CA, as BST Linehaul partnered with San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E) to assist with major disaster and fire relief.

With the most recent fires wreaking havoc and the President declaring a State of Emergency, we provided a fleet of flatbed trucks to haul 35 loads of SDG&E trucks and equipment from San Diego to Redding.

Keep in mind, this was no leisure drive along winding, picturesque highways. Our brave drivers set off on a mission to help restore power in areas that were on fire, with restricted access.

Meticulous logistics planning was undertaken for a trip that allowed absolutely zero room for error. It wasn’t a matter of saving time and money. It was about saving lives and bringing hope to communities that had been devastated.

Routes were carefully chosen with safety in mind, while a close eye had to be kept on the fire at all times. Weather conditions needed to be monitored as well, to decipher the best time to drive without the added stress of threatening winds.

Heavy haul transport meant extra measures were taken to ensure safe loading and unloading of SDG&E trucks with expert drivers at the helm.

The danger and time constraints kept pressure mounting on top of an already massive and complicated transportation project during the busy season. But, thanks to experience, determination and creative thinking, the team at BST Linehaul, LLC worked tirelessly to get the job done safely and as quickly as possible.

Drivers ran through the night non stop, and special passes were acquired for the trucks to bypass scales and exemptions for logbooks. Once the project was complete, there was no waiting around. All equipment had to be pulled out within a day for the return as well.

When disaster strikes, it’s amazing how communities and local businesses band together to restore safety and order. BST Linehaul, LLC is honored to join with the amazing people battling the wildfires ravaging Northern, CA by offering our logistics experience and expertise.

Courtney L.