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Double Drop RGN trailer

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Double drop RGN trailers are open deck trailers that are commonly requested for freight that needs to be driven onto the trailer or exceeds the height limitations on both flatbed and step deck equipment. (RGN) “removable gooseneck” means the front neck of the trailer is removable with the truck pulling the trailer. This allows the trailer to sit at ground level for self-propelled commodities to be driven on from the front of the trailer. Double drop trailers can be versatile for many freight applications not just for freight that needs to be driven on. DD trailers are great for crated machinery, large diameter pipe, solar batteries, transformers, counterweight, commercial vehicles, precast products, structural steel, etc. Most double drop deck lengths range from 26’ to 29’ and can scale up to 68,000lbs. for non-reducible loads.

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